Monday, May 19, 2014

Exotic Food in San Francisco

One can only deal with fast food and takeaway pizza, hotdogs and pasta for only so long. If you are headed this way, we think you should take some time to explore some of exotic diners we can easily boasts of. From Japanese to Turkish, from the classic English breakfast cafe to French can find them all here.
But before you start hitting the internet and filling up your itinerary for your up-coming San Francisco charter bus rental trip, check out some of these suggestions from our loyal San Francisco charter bus rental customers. Most of these customers have made regular trips to San Francisco and have had lots of experience with these diners, cafes and full bar and restaurants.
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Restaurants To Check Out in Downtown San Francisco

When you are visiting an awesome place like San Francisco, it is natural for any one of us to want to sample the best cuisine that the city has to offer. San Francisco is not only known for itsmusic scene because it is a conglomeration of culture and lifestyle, you can be sure to expect a wide array of cuisine and types of restaurants you can find anywhere in the downtown region of the city.
But to make things a little simpler, here are a few good restaurants to add to your list of restaurants to check out.
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Monday, January 13, 2014

San Francisco’s Best Bars and Entertainment Outlet

The weekend is looming ahead and have no place to go? Then you are reading the right article because on top of being travelers who just love to have fun discovering new places and tourist hotspots, our travel writers and bloggers have a penchant for hunting down great night spots too. And they are more than willing to share their ideas, tips and suggestions with our readers. And without further delay, here are some of the best San Francisco night spots you might want to check out for yourself.

1. Biscuits and Blues....Blues Music Done right

Biscuits and Blues, which can be found at 401, Mason St. in San Francisco, have been offering blues music lovers a fantastic array of music since it was launched in 1995. Now, with years of experience under their belt and a great connection with many talented blues singers and performers, it has been repeatedly named one of San Fran’s best blues club.
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Friday, November 15, 2013

Presidio of San Francisco

If you like a spot of history and still enjoy some nature, you might want to think about visiting Presidio in San Francisco with your rented coach bus for some ease of travel.

"Do you want history and wildlife all in one place? If you do, then hop onto a rental bus to San Francisco and head over to the Presidio of San Francisco, a park and former military base located on the northern top of San Francisco peninsula. As part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the Presidio has many visitor centers and many wooded areas, hills and scenic panorama overlooking the spectacular Golden Gate Bridge on San Francisco Bay."

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Going for Organic Food in San Francisco

Hunting down food in San Francisco is not a hard thing to do because San Francisco, as much as they love arts and entertainment, have a very deep love for culinary experiences as well. The hard part is finding organic or vegetarian fare even in the downtown area. But here, we have some of the best and most revered organic restaurant in San Francisco.
We will start off with Minako Organic Japanese Food, something a little hard to hunt down even for non-vegetarian San Francisco rental bus visitors. Earning a fantastic rating health-wise is not an easy feat but there you have it, Minako does it with ease. The thing about eating out at Minako is the fact that they are open from Wednesday right down to Sunday and serves only the dinner crowd and they do not take reservations, therefore, the only way to make sure that you get a table for your visiting friends, be there before five thirty, which is when the restaurant opens for business. But the good news is that there is always fantastic customer service. The casual atmosphere is almost pretentious-less which means guests can focus on the outstanding soba noodles, red sniper, crab roll, seaweed soups, and of course, we are not leaving out the amazing Misha Maki tuna. They know precisely how to make organic food classy, delicious and absolutely to-die-for.
Gracias Madre is as organic as organic comes for Mexican food fare and it is located on Mission Street between the 18th and 19th street so just let your bus rentals San Francisco bus driver to drive you there. The owners’ apparent interest in minimalist decoration and down-to-earth atmosphere is very clear when you walk in. The paintings on display are simple against the wooden tables and chairs in the dining area. It is not something you would expect from the normal Mexican restaurant anywhere else in the world, we would say. When you think of a Mexican restaurant, you would automatically think of a burst of color, fancy decorations, flags and funny figurines...but no, you get none of this at Gracias Madre. The great food comes in large portions so, be warned and be ready to share out your food.
And for something a little more familiar yet organic, we strongly recommend Underdog which is located along Irving Street. The management truly believes in serving only healthy, delicious food and it is very important that they serve hot dogs that are vegan, GMO-free, kombuchas and everything that goes well with the hot dogs. You will end up not just loving the concept, the food but what they stand for at the end of your bus rentals San Francisco visit.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Exploratorium, San Francisco

The Exploratorium in San Francisco is an exciting place to go with friends and family members. To make life easier for everyone, when you are planning for a trip here, do consider renting a San Francisco bus – so that there is no bickering or arguing when the driver can’t seem to find the place nor is there an issue when you need to find a proper parking space to park the car (or cars if you happen to be travelling in a big group).

The Exploratorium has 6 main galleries – with each gallery focusing on a different area of exploration for visitors to see and experience. You and the other passengers traveling in the San Francisco rental bus can expect that the exhibits and displays at The Exploratorium to be very fun and interesting as you get to “play” with it and discover, learn and understand how the world that we live in works. As you tour around the galleries, you will not once feel bored as there seems to be something to see or try out at every corner of the galleries. In short, there is always something for everyone to do, touch, hear, see or even make as you go about the galleries.

Excitement would probably be the closest word that we can use to describe the feeling of the visitors to The Exploratorium – from the young to the old. It does not matter what your age is, as long as you are in The Exploratorium itself, the world inside seems to make you feel like a little kid – touching almost everything that you see only to see it making sounds or responding to your touch. And if you are feeling a little extra adventurous, do make a visit to the Tactile Dome as part of your admission into The Exploratorium. The Tactile Dome is a small geodesic dome that is really dark and is located within The Exploratorium. Once you are inside, you will need to climb and crawl your way through it – please remember to remove everything that is in your pockets as you may just have something fall out of your pockets and the chances of finding them are almost zero. However, if you happen to be claustrophobic, we would not recommend this activity for you, as it will only accentuate your claustrophobia. The Tactile Dome is not the only thing that visitors can “play” in, as there are still other things that you can have fun with at The Exploratorium before you head home in the San Francisco rental bus.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco

Mickey Mouse – you have heard of him. Walt Disney – you have also heard of him, but just how much do you know about him? Not very much, we suppose. That is why you should rent a San Francisco bus and bring the whole family to the Walt Disney Family Museum to learn about the man behind it all – and this will help you to understand his passion and dreams and how the Walt Disney Company became so successful.

Making this trip with your family in a rented bus to the Walt Disney Family Museum will be one of the best decisions you will ever make – especially if you have kids that are still quite young and are pretty familiar with the animated character, Mickey Mouse and friends. In fact, you cannot talk about Mickey Mouse and his friends without associating it with Walt Disney. The Walt Disney Family Museum is a museum devoted to sharing and telling the life of Walt and his family, as well as his business partners and friends and how he became the famous icon that he is today.

Many San Francisco bus rental passengers find it quite difficult to leave the museum – especially when they bring along with them their little ones. That is because there is such a magnetic charm in this museum that leaves the kids wanting to say a little longer and just soak in a little while in the magical “museum” of Disney. For the children, they will feel that it is such a privilege to be in a Disney museum that they may just want to stay there forever! Who knows, the adults may feel the same too, but may not want to express themselves that way in case they look silly.
In the Walt Disney Family Museum, they have different rooms that tell of the different stages of the life of Walt Disney. Photos and videos are displayed throughout the time, and many of them are narrated by Walt Disney himself in which he shares about his family, growing up and how he got into the business. And what is Disney without Mickey Mouse? Therefore, you will also see Mickey Mouse as well as Mickey’s pals that are being displayed in the museum. There are also times where the museum has special exhibits – which make trips to the museum in a rented bus fun and fresh each time.